Underfloor Heating

New Underfloor Heating Installation, Service and Maintenance / Repairs for customers throughout Retford & Worksop.

Underfloor Heating, energy efficient home heating solutions

Underfloor Heating runs at a lower operating temperature than conventional radiators. This means that the temperature is evenly distributed throughout your rooms, helping you save money on your energy bills. As an environmentally friendly option, underfloor heating produces less emissions and lowers your carbon footprint.

New & Retro-Fitted Underfloor Heating Systems

Strategic Heating are specialists at installing new and retrofitted underfloor heating systems for customers in Retford, Worksop, South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire. Installed to exacting specification by our fully qualified and trained technicians, our underfloor heating systems can be operated through gas-powered central heating or through air source heat pump systems.

Environmentally friendly and more efficient than radiators

As a low-temperature heating system, underfloor heating covers large surface areas to heat rooms effectively and efficiently. Using less energy and up to 25% more efficient than conventional radiators, installing UFH will save you money on heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Providing warmth throughout a room from the ground up eliminates cold spots and heat loss, resulting in a pleasant, constant, and temperature-controlled living throughout the year. Installed alongside an Air Source Heat Pump, energy efficiency can be increased.

Enjoy the benefits & advantages underfloor warmth can bring

UFH provides a number of advantages over other types of heating systems, not to mention the luxurious feeling of a warm floor beneath your feet…

  • Consistent heat & comfort levels.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Money saving efficiency.
  • Compatible with Most Floor Surfaces.
  • Unique temperature control.
  • Increased floor space.

Invisible, safe & can be installed in any property type

Underfloor heating is ‘hidden’ because the tube is underneath the floor, freeing up wall space. This is great for open-plan homes and offices where space is limited.

With no hot spots or exposed / sharp edges, Underfloor heating is a safe choice for both children and seniors alike. UFH is also ideal for people suffering from allergies as it provides warmth without draught. Eliminating dust movement which can exacerbate respiratory conditions.

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