Extensions & Refurbs

All plumbing and heating aspects covered for customers in Retford and Worksop, no matter how small or large your project.

Plumbing & heating for extensions & refurbishments

If you’re planning room refurbishments or extensions to your property, you’ll more than likely already have taken plumbing and or heating aspects into consideration. The answer to all your requirements is Strategic Plumbing and Heating in Retford, Worksop, South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire. We provide a comprehensive range of services to cater to every aspect that a successful project needs.

Ensuring projects run on time and on budget

Installing plumbing and heating facilities as part of an existing property extension or in conjunction with a detached extension, such as a garden office or a garage/studio renovation can be a real headache, particularly for the inexperienced or novice DIYer. This is where Strategic Heating services thrive and excel. We’re here to undertake every aspect of your plumbing and heating requirements which will undoubtedly include advice, innovative solutions as well as project management.

Don’t overlook your plumbing & drainage needs

When the idea first springs to mind that it would be useful, or a worthwhile investment to extend your property, or indeed build a detached extension, plumbing and water supply can often be overlooked.

Plumbing in a water supply can be useful if you are using the building as a creative studio, or even a home office, even if it’s just to remove the hassle of going back and forth for a hot cuppa or to use the loo. Running water means plumbing into the drainage system, and the sewer system too (if you are going to install a toilet), something that you will probably want to do if you are receiving guests. There’s so much to take into consideration and to get right…

Heating from additional radiators and standalone solutions

If extensions or refurbishments are part of / attached to your building, you may want to tap into your existing central heating systems for the addition of a radiator or to use underfloor heating. However, if the extension is separate from your main dwelling, tapping into your central heating system is unlikely to be a viable option.

Whatever your reason or situation, Strategic Heating in Retford, Worksop, South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire are seasoned professionals when organising heating requirements.

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Professional plumbing & heating for your extension or refurb

Unless you’re officially qualified, experienced, and know what you’re doing it’s always best to employ the services of a professional company when it comes to the important matter of plumbing and heating. Let alone the safety aspects involved with gas or heating appliances, connecting to water supplies, sewers, and drains is not something that you want to get wrong.

You can rest assured that using Strategic Heating, all our work is carried out by fully qualified and registered service engineers. Guaranteeing the highest of standards at all times, whether we are simply fixing a tap, or laying pipework for a new central heating system installation.

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